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Craciun Fericit! | December 2016

2016 has been a wonderful year home in the states. We have always considered our itineration time a privilege few get to experience. It has been wonderful connecting with pastors and sharing at churches...

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Happy Easter! | March 2016

Easter, in Moldova, is one of our favorite times of the year. People throughout the country have a heightened spiritual awareness as the religious holiday is in the air. The familiar greeting, "Christ is risen" followed by the appropriate response…

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Thanksgiving In Moldova

Thanksgiving in Moldova is a celebration of God's faithful provision and blessings on the autumn harvest. God is praised and his goodness remembered...

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Progress in Panasesti | August 2015

This past month we welcomed Fox Valley Christian Fellowship Church (FVCF) from Wisconsin. This was their second year returning to work on the new church construction project in Panasesti, Moldova..

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MCR in Moldova | May 2015

Masters Commission Romania (MCR) returned for a third year in a row to Moldova. We love the partnership we have with this excellent team and leaders. Amazing week!

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